What types of things can a Domestic Violence Order stop?


image of person pushing dark cloud awayDomestic Violence Orders help protect people by ordering the other person not to do certain things.




image of child making stop gestureSometimes more than one person is protected by a Domestic Violence Order – like a parent and their children.




image of a checklistThe things the other person can’t do are often called conditions.

The conditions on your Domestic Violence Order will depend on your situation. Some Domestic Violence Orders only have a few conditions, some have more. The types of conditions you can get in your order are different in each State and Territory.


If you are the protected person, the conditions may say that the person the order is against can’t do things to you like:


• use domestic and family violence against you

• for example―they can’t hurt you or abuse you physically, emotionally or sexually



• contact you

• for example—they can’t talk to you or contact you by phone, text message, email, social media or in any other way



• stalk you or try to find you

• for example―they can’t follow you or try to monitor your movements through spyware or GPS tracking devices



• go near you, or go closer than a set distance from you

• for example—they must stay 100 metres away from you at all times



• go to, or go closer than a set distance from some places

• for example―they must stay 100 metres away from where you live, work or study



• damage your property

• for example—they can’t damage your belongings in any way, including hurting pets.



image of a childConditions can be made to suit your situation, including if you have children.




image of a parenting orderFor example – conditions may take into account things like Parenting Orders. Also see can I make arrangements for children when there’s a Domestic Violence Order?



image of person thinking about childIf you have experienced domestic and family violence and are thinking about making arrangements for your children, it is important to get legal adviceACTNSWNTQldSATasVicWA and consider how domestic and family violence affects children.




image of legal adviceYou can get legal adviceACTNSWNTQldSATasVicWA about what types of conditions you can get in your State or Territory, or see resources for more information.



image of a person with a boxThe court can also make orders so you can get your personal things back. See how do I get my stuff back?




image of a houseIn some cases, Domestic Violence Orders can affect your tenancy. If you were living in a rental property with a person who you have a Domestic Violence Order against, or who has a Domestic Violence Order against you, you should get tenancy adviceACTNSWNTQldSATasVicWA about this.



image of a carDomestic Violence Orders can work in other States and Territories, to protect people who move. See what if I move interstate?

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