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image of a computerFamily Violence Law Help is a website by National Legal Aid for people affected by domestic and family violence. It has been funded by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department.



image of FASS logoIt was set up to help promote each State and Territory’s Family Advocacy and Support Service and to provide information for people affected by domestic and family violence.




image of Australia with handsIn Australia, we have different laws and courts for issues that feel connected. You may find yourself involved in three separate legal systems. You may have:



image of a protection order• a Domestic Violence Order, which are orders made in the Local Court or Magistrates’ Court. The laws around Domestic Violence Orders are different in every State and Territory



image of person thinking about child• some family law issues, like making arrangements for your children, divorce, dividing property after separation or child support. Family law issues are usually dealt with in the Family Courts. Family law is the same across Australia, with some small differences in Western Australia



image of an ICL with a child• a child protection agency involved with your family. The laws around child protection are different in each State and Territory, and matters are dealt with in the Children’s Court or Youth Court.



image of questioningWe understand how confusing this can be.




image of person with magnifying glassOn this website, we’ve arranged topics by legal problem type. If you’re feeling lost, you can use our search bar up the top of the website.



image of legal adviceThis website has general information about the law, but all legal problems are different. You should see a lawyer to get legal adviceACTNSWNTQldSATasVicWA about your problem.




image of a person on the phoneIt’s normal to feel overwhelmed and it’s important to get help and support when you feel ready. See our get help page for services that can help you with legal advice, financial help, counselling, emergency housing and more.



image of a helping handIf you have experienced domestic and family violence, you’re not alone.



image of online harassmentIf you’re worried about someone checking your browsing history, or monitoring you online, see online safety.

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