How does the Department get information about my family?


Someone can make a report to the Departmentimage of a person on the phone

Anyone who is concerned that children may be at risk of harm can tell the Department about their concerns. This is called making a report.

Reports can also be made when someone is pregnant, before they have a baby.

Reports may be made if children are:

The law says some people must make a report

image of police officerSome people like police, school teachers, nurses and doctors are ‘mandatory reporters.’ This means if they think children are at risk of harm, the law says they must tell the Department. The laws that say who must report children at risk to the Department are different in each State and Territory.

Other people like friends, family or neighbours may contact the Department if they are worried about your children’s safety.

image of person with magnifying glassMostly, you won’t know that someone has made a report about your family unless the Department investigates that report. The identity of who made the report is generally kept confidential.

When the Department gets a report, they may investigate to find out if there are any risks to your children’s safety, and how they can help to keep them safe. They don’t investigate every report.

If the Department gets involved with your family, it’s important to get get legal adviceACTNSWNTQldSATasVicWA.

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