How does supervised time with children work?


image of supervised timeSupervision is when a responsible person is present when a parent spends time with their children.





image of an agreement in writingSometimes a Parenting Plan or Parenting Order will say that time between a parent and their children must be supervised.




image of a child questioningThis can happen for a number of reasons, including if there are allegations of domestic and family violence and there are concerns about the safety and care of the children.




image of a family



Supervision can be done by a friend, family member or a Children’s Contact Service.




image of moneyChildren’s Contacts Services are a safe, neutral and child-focused place for supervised visits, and changeovers between children and their parents. The cost of this can be different between services.




image of a lightbulbFor more information about Children’s Contact Services, see the Australian Children’s Contact Services Association.

For more information about supervised visits and changeovers, see the Australian Government’s factsheet on Supervised Visits and Changeovers.



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